외국어 문장 회화사전은 각 나라에서 자주 쓰이는 수천 개의 회화와 자주 쓰이는 표현들을 담고 있습니다. 4개의 카테고리안에 여러 문장들과 그 문장들을 써야 할 상황에 관한 설명이 있습니다.

Your tool for everyday life abroad

We travel for pleasure, we study in foreign countries to gain knowledge, we move abroad to facilitate career progression; without even leaving our hometown, we end up dealing with situations in which people from different cultures to our own are involved. In order to begin a new life abroad and avoid any complications along the way, knowing some useful vocabulary and phrases may be a good starting point. Being well-informed is key to succeed in a foreign environment. When settling down in a new country, and especially in a country whose local language you don't speak or at least not well enough to get by, simple tasks require a huge amount of effort. Some of the things you'll need to consider will most likely include filling out paperwork, looking for a flat, searching for job opportunities and then making the most out of interview opportunities you are presented with. The best way to deal with these situations is to get prepared in advanced.

Get your head around the most useful phrases

The phrase dictionary is intended to cover any topic in which you may need to use your foreign language skills. If you plan to move abroad and decide to test the waters by searching for job offers online before leaving your home country, you may even get some interviews over Skype. And who knows, you might even get the job before moving to your new destination! Applying for job offers online, generally requires having submitted a CV and cover letter before the Skype interview. This task may or may not be straightforward, depending on your knowledge of the language your potential employer is demanding. Either way, the phrasebook is a very useful resource to write compelling, well-structured cover letters, CVs or reference letters. For people who either work abroad or in a multinational corporation in their home countries and need to be in touch with international partners or clients on a regular basis, the phrase dictionary can be a precious resource. Learn how to prepare a team meeting or a business appointment in dozens of languages.

회화사전은 학술적 글쓰기, 비즈니스 회화, 지원서와 이력서, 개인적인 연락 이렇게 크게 4개의 대분류 되어있습니다. 각 카테고리 안에는 자주 쓰이는 표현들이 상황에 맞게 소분류 되어있습니다. 각 상황 설명들은 어떤 맥락에서 쓰이는지 판단하는데 도움을 줍니다.

회화사전은 공식 서류를 써야 하거나 특정한 문체로 글을 써야 할 때 도움이 되기 위해 만들어졌습니다. 공식 서류작성법은 꽤 엄격하며 원어민이 아닌 경우엔 매우 어렵습니다. 가장 큰 예로는 학술 논문, 리포트 또는 비즈니스 제안서/편지를 써야 할 때입니다. 격식 없이 쓰이는 글들도 특정학 개인적이며 구어적인 어조가 쓰입니다. 단어 한자 한자 번역하지 말고 이 회화 집을 이용하여 원어민들이 쓰는 적절한 단어/문장들을 찾아 써보세요.

Master the most common phrases in any foreign language

If you want to build an international professional career, you may choose to study abroad as a starting point. This life-changing experience is particularly valuable when you study in a foreign language. By improving not just your knowledge in your field of expertise, but also your communication and soft skills, your CV will be much more enticing for employers later on when you start applying for jobs abroad or back in your home country. Universities across the world work differently, though. The application procedure might vary significantly from one country to another, and it is important to fully understand the requirements for registering at your target school. For example, some universities request their applicants to submit a motivational cover letter or even reference letters from previous professors. The phrase dictionary works wonders when it comes to writing these things! Once you are accepted, during the course of your studies you will be asked to work on essays, team projects and public presentations, amongst other things. The phrase dictionary will come to the rescue by helping you to explain the graphs and statistics in your research in a wide range of languages. Research studies demand a high language register, which is often difficult to accomplish in a foreign tongue.

Boost your learning

Moving abroad can be an amazing experience right from the outset. Getting to know a completely different culture is thrilling, enriching and what's more, it helps us open our minds. Socialising in your new country is also the best way to adapt to your new environment and besides, it will make you learn the local language in no time. A phrasebook like's can come in handy when venturing into your new home's day-to-day life. Leaving job-related and bureaucracy topics aside, provides you with a wide range of useful phrases, vocabulary and sayings to help you interact with the locals. For example, you can learn how to order in a restaurant, or how to flirt like a pro in numerous different languages. Sending emails, writing personal letters, or making announcements in public events are among the things covered by the phrase dictionary, which aims at serving as a multi-purpose tool for expats who have just landed on foreign soil. Learn how to properly write invitations for the parties you want to throw, or how to stay in touch with your international friends in their mother tongues.